We are delighted that you are considering making THOI a part of your life!

Temple House of Israel provides Staunton area Jewish families the opportunity to experience the best that Temple life has to offer.  Our Temple embodies the ritual warmth and ceremonial beauty of our Jewish tradition while serving as the center for worship services, life-cycle events, education, activities, and meetings for congregants of all ages.  We welcome Jews of all backgrounds: by birth, by choice, and at heart.

We are proud of our growing congregational family and its inclusive spirit, reaching out to embrace those who seek our fellowship.  New members are not strangers for very long!  Our temple can become your extended family providing for much needed roots.

There are so many reasons to join our Temple:

  • Inspiring spiritual worship services in a historic sanctuary
  • A warm and caring community
  • Availability of the Rabbi for life-cycle events
  • Bulletin and eBlast communications
  • Opportunities for adult Jewish learning
  • An active women’s group

Members of long standing can attest to the friendships started at Temple House of Israel, as they often reminisce about Chanukah parties, Break-fast dinners, and other activities they’ve shared.  They can tell you about how wonderful it was to share a simchah with Temple friends, and how supportive the entire Temple community can be in times of need.  At THOI, we hope new members will make a commitment to participate fully in the life of the synagogue by attendance at services, various educational and social programs, and volunteering their time and energy as needed.

We’d love for you to join us at an upcoming evening Shabbat service on the first Friday or a morning Shabbat service on the third Saturday of every month.  After services, we gather in the social hall for coffee and dessert — it gives us a chance to shmooze with our friends and guests.  To check out the upcoming service schedule, please go to our Calendar.

Interested in joining, have questions, or just wish to explore THOI? Reach out to our VP for Membership, Brian Dettelbach and Rabbi Randi Nagel.  To become a member, please complete the membership application. Your application will be presented at the next monthly board meeting and you will receive notification from the VP of Membership shortly afterward.  Our policy is not to refuse membership because of inability to pay the full membership fee, so once you have been notified of your status, you may then apply for a fee reduction, if needed, through the THOI Treasurer Patty Sutker.  All dues reduction requests are held in strict confidence.  There are no extra charges for High Holy Day services.

We look forward to having you join our congregation!