In 1886, the congregation purchased land north of Staunton to be used as a cemetery.  The ground was purchased in June 1886 for $150.00. The first burial there was in 1887.  This cemetery, on what is now known as North Augusta Street, is still in use today with a beautiful mix of old and new monuments, memorializing members of our temple family. As is the Jewish tradition, special services are conducted throughout the year honoring our ancestors from Yizkor to opening and closing the Genizah. 

Slightly larger than an acre, cemetery burials are consolidated within a small area, considered the historic core of our sacred space. In 2018, improvements were proposed in a Cemetery Landscape Architecture Master Plan, designed by Amy Arnold of land + form, in celebration of our beloved Rabbi Lynne Landsberg. Trustees of Temple House of Israel are coordinating the phased implementation of the plan and are the stewards of our sacred burial ground. 

For more information about the cemetery including questions about burials, purchasing plots or memorials, please contact Mike Brown or Doug Degen

Temple House of Israel Cemetery
Landscape Architecture Master Plan